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Travel Tips Mexico City (20 Things You NEED to Know)

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Conquering Mexico City: Your Essential Pre-Trip Checklist

Mexico City! A vibrant metropolis, a historical haven, and a culinary wonderland awaits. But before you hop on that plane, let’s make sure you’re prepped for an amazing adventure. Here’s a handy list of 20 things you absolutely need to know before visiting Mexico City:

Planning & Packing

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Planning & Packing:

  1. Embrace the Weather: Mexico City enjoys a mild climate year-round, with a rainy season from June to October. Pack comfy walking shoes and a light rain jacket. Think layers as mornings and evenings can be cooler.

  2. Book Ahead for Top Spots: Popular restaurants and museums get booked fast. Plan and reserve spots for your must-sees to avoid disappointment. Aim for 4-5 days to experience the city’s main attractions.

  3. Embrace Local Currency: While Mexico City is budget-friendly for many travelers, remember the rising cost of living for locals. Be a respectful tourist and avoid excessive bargaining.

  4. Foodie Fun with Caution: Street food is a Mexican adventure, but be aware it might not cater to specific dietary needs. Stick to cooked dishes and avoid raw vegetables if unsure.

  5. Hydration is Key: Mexico City sits high in altitude. Stay hydrated to avoid altitude sickness. Pack a reusable water bottle and skip the unsafe tap water. Bottled water is readily available everywhere.

Safety & Security

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Safety & Security

  1. Mind Your Belongings: Petty theft can happen in any tourist area. Keep an eye on your belongings, especially in crowded places. Invest in a money belt or a secure crossbody bag.

  2. Public Transport Savvy: Ditch the street taxis. They might be unreliable or overpriced. Opt for Uber, ride-sharing apps, or the safe and efficient Metro system.

  3. Culture Counts: Public drinking is a no-go in Mexico City. Respect the local laws and enjoy your drinks responsibly in bars and restaurants.

  4. Earthquakes: Be Prepared: Mexico is in an earthquake zone. Buildings are built with this in mind, and the city has a warning system in place. Stay calm and follow instructions if an earthquake occurs.

  5. Street Smarts: Be aware of your surroundings, especially at night. Stick to well-lit areas and avoid walking alone in isolated places.

Culture & Customs

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Culture & Customs:

  1. Tipping 101:  While less prevalent than the US, tipping is appreciated. A 10% gratuity at restaurants and bars is a good rule of thumb. Round up your taxi fare or give a small tip to service people.

  2. Language Barrier? No Problem!  Many locals understand basic English, especially in tourist areas. Learning a few essential Spanish phrases will enhance your experience and show respect for the culture.  “Hola” (hello), “Gracias” (thank you), and “Por favor” (please) are great places to start!

  3. Dress with Respect:  Mexico City offers a stylish vibe, but for religious sites and historical areas, opt for modest clothing. Cover your shoulders and avoid overly revealing outfits.

  4. Bargaining Etiquette: Bargaining is expected at certain flea markets and souvenir shops. Be polite, start with a lower offer, and be prepared to walk away if you can’t agree on a price.

  5. Siesta Time:  Many businesses close for a siesta break during the afternoon. Plan your sightseeing and shopping accordingly!

Food & Drink

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Food & Drink:

  1. Embrace the Spice: Mexican cuisine is known for its flavors.  Start with milder dishes and gradually work your way up the spice scale. Most restaurants offer non-spicy options too.

  2. Hydration Matters: Stick to bottled water as mentioned earlier. Skip the ice cubes in your drinks unless you know the source of the water.

  3. Street Food Delights: Don’t be afraid to try street food, but stick to stalls with good hygiene practices and long lines. Opt for cooked dishes to be on the safe side.

  4. The Tortilla Tango:  Tortillas are a staple in Mexican food. Use them to scoop up salsas, meats, and vegetables. They’re edible and delicious!

  5. Beyond the Tequilla:  Mexico offers a diverse selection of drinks. Try local beers, pulque (a fermented agave drink), or explore a variety of handcrafted cocktails.

Bonus Tip:  Download a reliable offline map app before your trip. This will keep you oriented and confident while navigating the city.

There you have it! With these 20 essential tips in mind, you’re ready to take on Mexico City and have an unforgettable adventure. Remember, embrace the culture, try new things, and enjoy

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